Bachelor of Arts (Film Production)

University of Canberra

机构类型: 大学/高等教育机构
等级: 本科生
CRICOS: 00212K

Throughout this course, students expand their creative thinking, explore the craft of storytelling and, ultimately, transform into a professional film practitioner. Students make full use of UC's digital cinema workflow to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, with access to industry-standard resources including: digital cinematography cameras and lenses; professional tripods and dollies; lighting equipment; location sound recording mixers, microphones and booms; studio and set construction facilities; green screen studio and compositing software; and professional editing and colour grading software. Students will: use technical knowledge to analyse and evaluate a screenplay for story, narrative, theme and character; assess, plan and work with the hardware and software of film production to engage metanarrative devices for cinematic storytelling; use an understanding of acting and the acting process to form creative collaborations for film production; and both lead and work in small teams to produce creative storytelling solutions for film production.


Canberra International: $87,000 Yes


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