Bachelor of Building and Construction Management

University of Canberra

机构类型: 大学/高等教育机构
等级: 本科生
CRICOS: 00212K

Students of the Bachelor of Building and Construction Management will: Possess and apply broad and coherent theoretical knowledge and concepts of current construction practices, building and construction economics, and legal frameworks, to be managers within the building and construction industry; recognise and apply the use of appropriate building and construction technologies and processes to solve simple and complex industry issues; communicate as a professional to all stakeholders in the building and construction industry, with the ability to work independently or as part of a project team, for the successful conclusion of industry projects; demonstrate ethical, social and environmental responsibility in addressing real world industry issues and imperatives, in global and local contexts, with sensitivity to indigenous rights in the construction industry; and demonstrate and apply creative, innovative and critical thinking, with a commitment to lifelong learning, to solve problems and generate solutions to complex construction issues.


Canberra International: $118,000 Yes


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