Bachelor of Communication and Media/ Bachelor of Event and Tourism Management

University of Canberra

机构类型: 大学/高等教育机构
等级: 本科生
CRICOS: 00212K

This course develops students' project management capabilities while giving them the tools to imagine, design and create events that engage, inspire and influence integrated advertising communication campaigns, designed to stimulate maximum audience participation. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of how to produce a world class professional event from initial concept development and funding to integrated advertising, production and delivery. Students will: Apply professional judgement and knowledge in adapting marketing communication theories, principles and methodologies across diverse social, cultural and organisational contexts; learn strategy and campaign development, social and digital analytics, the basics of graphic design and visual language, multi-media production and stakeholder management; create professional communication and media work that supports, promotes or critiques a range of domestic and global programs or issues; and apply the management skills necessary to function effectively, strategically and ethically in business and entrepreneurial roles in the event and tourism management arenas.


Canberra International: $116,000 No


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