Bachelor of Communication and Media (Sports Media)

University of Canberra

机构类型: 大学/高等教育机构
等级: 本科生
CRICOS: 00212K

Students of the Bachelor of Communication and Media (Sports Media) explore the media's role in the reporting of sport and its influence on Australian society and the broader global context. Students learn how to research, produce and present sports stories in text, visual and audio formats for mobile, online, social, broadcast and print media. Students will: report on ‘live’ sporting events that often captivate the nation and the world, interview elite athletes and coaches, and host their own podcast and TV panel show; evaluate the public interest and cultural importance of sports journalism; produce insightful and engaging reporting that demonstrates an understanding of the Australian and global sporting landscape; instinctively adapt sports journalism concepts and skills to diverse media and corporate environments; and critically apply knowledge and judgement in the production of multimedia sports content in fast-paced environments.


Canberra International: $84,000 Yes


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